Does a flat screen TV need a digital converter box

A DTV converter box is basically said to be a tuner that converts the digital signals to analog so that the digital television transmission can be used along with the analog TV set. Some of them who have an old TV set would need to get a digital converter box whereas some of them prefer the option of purchasing a new age flat screen TV or HDTV. Most of the flat screen TV units already have a built-in digital tuner or ATSC. In such cases, the individual would be able to get all of the local broadcasting stations in the HD format with the help of a TV antenna.

For those of you who have an older TV that would only accept the analog signals then they would need to get a DTV converter box. One of the reason for the same is because there was switch from analog signals to digital ones back in 2009. Hence they are left with this option unless they plan to get a new TV altogether. On the other hand, for those of you who have a flat screen TV unit would only need a DTV if they are making use of VCR. Most of the modern TV units are already equipped for receiving the free over-the-air broadcasts just with the connection of an antenna. They do not need any converter box. In case if they are playing the DVD sources then in such cases there would be a need for an HDMI cable.

The TV content today is more dependent on the digital television receiver which can be either as a special converter box that is attached to the older analog TV or they can be as built-in the TV display. A flat screen TV is also known to be an HDTV which is basically a higher resolution one that provides high quality broadcast for its viewers. Most of the viewers today, prefer to watch all of the content with the help of this latest technology without any compromise. It also provides additional channels that are mostly invisible to the analog receivers. The TV would receive the HDTV signals either with the help of a built-in tuner as mentioned earlier or HDTV compatible TV. Most of the flat screen TV are already having a built-in tuner that is designed for receiving high quality signals. But if these modern units do not come along with tuners that transmit these digital signals to the viewers then probably you would need to get an additional DTV converter box.

You can check for the information on the flat screen whether it has a built-in tuner. Stickers or marking such as ATSC, Digital Receiver, DTV, Integrated Digital Tuner, HDTV or the Digital Tuner Built-in. You can also check the manufacturer’s website or the owner’s manual wherein they would mention whether the TV has a tuner or no. In case if it does not which would be a rare case then you may need to go in for a digital converter box.