Antenna Users: Rescan to Keep Getting Free TV

Who wouldn’t want to save those extra bucks when they are getting a chance to do so? With the rise in the cable and satellite service bills, people are finding ways to save on this monthly cost. This has led to a surprise comeback of the TV antennas and also at the same time led to a rise in the other entertainment options as well. Once you select the right type of antenna to suit your purpose, you can receive more than dozens of channels including the local broadcasting networks. Few of those network channels include, Fox, ABC, PBS, CBS, CW and many more. All of these and many more are available free of cost to the viewers.

But there is one thing to note that when you are making use of a TV antenna, then there is a need for rescanning it on a regular basis. This should be done to ensure that you receive most of the channels that are available in your area. Though earlier it was a good idea, but speaking about today it has become even more important to carry out the rescanning on a regular basis. One of the reasons for doing the rescan is because there would be a change in the frequencies for most of the broadcasting stations between 2017 to 2020.

There is no need for replacing the antenna or rotating the antenna direction again and again. All it means is that you would need to rescan the channels on your TV by going in the settings option. You can allow for your TV’s tuner to carry out an automated update so as to look out for new channels. Even though there is a change in the frequency, but there would not be any change in the channel numbers. It would remain the same.There are around 1000 TV broadcasting stations that would have to change their frequencies. There would be more than dozen of the broadcasting stations that may probably go off air completely and give way for new stations which are in the line. You can also check out on the online websites to find out which of the local stations would be shifting the frequencies.

Apart from the frequency change being one of the reason for rescan, there is another reason why the rescanning is required and it is due to weather changes that occur. When the weather is cloudy or rainy then the original scan may not show up all of the channels which you would have otherwise received. Hence whenever there is weather change, carry out a rescan so that you receive all of the said channels. Most of the broadcasting stations keep on adding new sub-channels in addition to the main programming. When you carry out a rescan then it would assist in capturing all of those sub-channels wherein you can have channels specific to weather, nature related programs or some foreign language programs.

With the above mentioned reasons there is a need for time and again rescanning the TV so that it picks up all of the channels available in your area.